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The Old Wives Tale is geared around the idea of unwinding and relaxing. Throughout history, old wives tales have been passed down from mother to daughter, women to women. I have always found it interesting in researching the truth in some of them.

I have a variety of herbal teas tinctures and CBD products that can help with your allergies, colds, detoxing, and overall wellbeing. I also make handmade goat’s milk soap the old-fashioned way. The way a lot of your grandmas probably made soap around the turn of the century. The crystals in the store are hand selected. When you are holding the crystal/stone, it’s all about the feeling it brings about in you and the self-awareness. Crystals are unique as they have their own healing properties. It’s all about the intention that you put into your meditation with the crystal or stone.

Life is a journey of learning and evolving, and with that the store is always growing.

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Our Products

The Old Wives Tale in Bird Island, Minnesota carries a wide selection of brands and products for all of your needs.

Common Questions

What do people use CBD for?

People use CBD for a wide range of reasons such as to help with sleep, pain, mood and overall wellbeing.

How is the Old Wives Tale goat's milk soap different from another soap?

The Old Wives tale handmade goat’s milk soap is made the old-fashioned way. The way a lot of your grandmas used to make soap. People describe the soap as a luxurious bar soap that cleans you and feels like it moisturizes you at the same time.

What if I’m not a tea drinker? How can I still get the benefits of herbal tea?

We carry tinctures as well and they have all the same benefits.

What is the different between the CBD oil/tincture and the CBD gummies?

It’s mostly convenience and personal preference with the gummies, but if you are looking for something fast-acting, the CBD oil/tincture is the way to go. The CBD starts absorbing sublingual under the tongue.

What are crystals?

People often wonder what makes a crystal a crystal. The easiest way I could tell you what makes a crystal a crystal is the way they are formed in a geometrical shape. Most crystals have points and flat sides. Each crystal is unique as in some have mineral inclusions such as manganese, which then makes the crystal a phantom crystal looks like there’s another crystal inside of it. Some yellow crystals have an iron oxide inclusion in them, which is worth a yellow tone area. The yellow or golden crystals I have in my store are referred to as golden healers with that iron inclusion.

What do people use palm stones for?
  1. Just holding an oval stone with calming vibe can bring you moments of stillness and tranquility.
  2. By carrying palm stones with powerful protective energy or keeping them nearby makes it possible to be protected by negative energies, including harmful EMFs.
  3. Yoga, Prayer and Meditation. There are various stones with high vibrations that can help us enter deep states of meditation.
  4. You can also experience the healing benefits of palm stones by placing them on your body, on the area you want to heal.
  5. Schedule 10-15 minutes of relaxation during your daily programs to recharge and give yourself a quick energy boost.
How is the Old Wives Tale goat's milk lotion different from another lotion?

Goat’s milk reduces skin inflammation due to its fat molecule content. The cream present in goat’s milk is a natural moisturizer, soothing dry and damaged skin and possessing an anti-inflammatory effect. In the store we offer two custom blends of essential oils for your goat’s milk lotion, or if you prefer we can leave it unscented.

Do you have any DIY kits?

The DIY infusion kits include a 16 oz glass jar, custom filtering pour spout, pre-measured ingredients and an instructional booklet with our favorite cocktail recipes. Simply empty all ingredients into the jar, fill with ~16oz of liquor, seal tightly and let infuse for at least 3 days! Each kit will provide 7-8 cocktails and should be enjoyed within 30 days.